Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Sad Story about Poe and Roscoe...

Look at this picture closely. Yes, that is a bobblehead of Edgar Allan Poe! My daughter gave him to me for my birthday, and I kept him in my classroom for the last two years. I had to defend him from vandals from time to time, and explain once that "No, this is not a bobblehead of Hitler!" He was FINE when I packed up my stuff and retired. He is NOT fine now. His NOSE IS GONE!

Now, look at this second picture closely. This is Roscoe. He is mostly beagle, although he is somewhat long-legged for a beagle. He chews plastic clothes hangers, dog biscuits, our other dog, shoes, socks, people, baskets, etc. He was hanging around when I discovered Poe in the floor without a nose, but he looked innocent, just as he does in this picture. WHO, ME? He never looks as if he would dream of chewing up anything. Yeah, right. This innocent puppy-face has accomplished what 300 juniors and seniors going in and out of my classroom for two years could not--HE DEFINITELY TOUCHED THE BOBBLEHEAD!

I have another bobblehead, one of Shakespeare. I placed Will high on the bookcase, where he belongs. Roscoe will not get a chance to gnaw on the Bard!

Is this dog innocent? NEVERMORE!

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Great Quote

"I have enjoyed greatly the second blooming....suddenly you find--at the age of 50, say--that a whole new life has opened before you."

by Agatha Christie

(Isn't that a great quote? It's true, too.)

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Today I attended my daughter's college orientation with her. The college folks separated the parents and the kids, so we attended separate sessions. The gentleman in charge said that when the new students were given their orientation packets, the first thing they did was hand the packets to their parents to hold. There were smiles of recognition all around. Yep, they aren't all that independent, are they? I remembered proudly that MY child did not hand me hers, that in fact she was reluctant to let me look at it.

After the session was over, we were told to go to the student center and meet up with our children. It was quite a warm day, and I didn't realize I was going to be marching all over campus! Anyway, I took a wrong turn and ended up at the car. I decided it would be a good plan to drive to the student center, so that is what I did. I waited about half an hour, and finally, there she was. What was the first thing she did? (Well, after saying, "Where have you been?")

She handed me her packet of orientation materials. Yup.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Wordle of My Favorite Poems and Poets

Here's something fun:


I took my eighteen-year-old daughter to consult with an oral surgeon about having her four impacted wisdom teeth removed. He said that eighteen is the usual age for it, the "age of wisdom." He used "air quotes" on the phrase; afraid I think so, too. How come when you're eighteen you feel so wise, but other people don't think you are?

Is fifty-one years of age the age of wisdom?

Anyway, I remember getting my wisdom teeth removed. We had to drive about an hour and a half because my hometown was so far away from real civilization. Half the way home, my mother stopped to get me something to drink so I could take my pain medicine. My mouth was full of yuck, so I had to spit, much to her dismay. She was saying, "Don't spit here!" and I opened the door and spat all over the store parking lot. What else can you do? I guess she was worried about the people who would drive up next, but who cares?

Just think, I was at least 24 and had already begun teaching English, way past the age of wisdom.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Terrific Tuesday

Just three questions! Change the answers for you.
Who would you like to see on a new banknote (dollar bill, etc.)?
Virginia Woolf
If you were reincarnated as some other plant or animal, what would it be? One of my descendants' dogs
If you owned your own restaurant, what would you call it? "What's for Supper?"